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Practical Advice for Finding the Right Therapist


Winner of the 2019 Best Book Awards!

Do I Need a Therapist?  is an award winner in the category of Health: Psychology/Mental Health for the Best Book Awards sponsored by American Book Fest.

This consumer's guide, written in plain language for everyday people, will help you navigate through the maze of mental health. Therapy is not for everyone, so if you are seeking answers, do not spend money and years in treatment before you read this book.

Knowledge can empower you.

This step-by-step guide will transform your perspective from confused and overwhelmed to informed and clear about your next steps.

Jenny Simon, PhD a professional insider, will empower you to understand what those letters mean behind a therapist’s name, how much therapy costs and why different practitioners charge different prices, what a diagnosis means, how using medication to treat a problem differs from talk therapy, and what the common types of treatment are.
Here, you will find the resources, insight, and clear guidance to empower you to feel confident about your choices.

In Do I Need a Therapist? you will learn:

  • How to find the right therapist

  • Practical suggestions that are simple, clear, and easy to understand

  • The pros and cons about using health insurance

  • Tips on what types of treatment would work best for you and your situation

  • What really happens in a counseling session

Praise for Do I Need a Therapist?

Finally! A critical missing link in the healing journey has been restored!

Jonathan Ellerby Ph.D., Bestselling author of Inspiration Deficit Disorder

"Jenny brings great wisdom and caring to her new book. It's like talking with a trusted friend."
Chip McAuley, Ph.D., Consciousness Theorist


Therapy is not for everyone, but if you are seeking help, this book should be your first stop as it provides an excellent view into the counseling field.”
Dr. Scott A. Myers, Higher Education Professional

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Do I Need a Child Therapist? and
Do I Need a Journal?
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