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Assess: Let's learn about EMDR and map out what needs to happen to get back to yourself. We need to define something clearly before we can change it. Let's gain insight into your blocks. The faster you show up, the faster we can move through it. This session is required before we begin EMDR.

50 minutes:


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Talk to Jenny

Get clarity! Ask Jenny about referrals, how to navigate the mental health system, or to check-in. This is a 50-minute mental health session over zoom, designed to give you tools and insight.

50 minutes:


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In Person EMDR

Get Relief:  This work is non-verbal and brief, only 4-9 sessions. EMDR has helped thousands of people stop intrusive thoughts, end the loop of intrusive memories, stop angry outbursts, and provide relief from depression and anxiety. I use tappers and headphones for tactile and auditory bilateral processing; following the standard 8-step protocol.

90 minutes:


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EMDR Intensive

When you don't want to spend weeks or months in therapy. When your schedule is too stretched to find a weekly appointment time. The intensive may reduce treatment time. These are often scheduled over 3 day weekends. A follow up is provided as needed.

Price varies:

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